EJBCA is a complete enterprise certificate authority (used for a public key infrastructure) developed completely in Java, and is in production use. The EJBCA team is proud to release EJBCA version 3.3.0. This is a major new release probably featuring a record number or issues resolved, 70 new features, improvement and bugfixes have adressed. Both old and new requests have been incorporated, and several patches from around the world. This release features an external RA API, which is donwloadable as a seaprate module (externalRA). Notable new features include:
  • Certificate suspend
  • Load balancer health check service
  • External RA API
  • Subject directory attributes
  • Approval functionality (dual authentication) for internal RA
  • Support for german language in the admin-GUI
  • and many more
See the homepage, http://www.ejbca.org/, for the complete list if features and changes. EJBCA is released under the LGPL license, and is completely free to download and use. Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com