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    All, I just upgraded our application (only servlets no Ejbs, the app is a .war file) to WL 9.2 Server. The application is working fine, but i am not able to find out information about Hot deploy in WL 9.2. In WL 8.x version, for development purposes, we just used to copy the latest .war file to the "application" folder and the server used to recogonize it. In WL 9.2, I found the "autodeploy" folder but it will not re-depoloy any existing applications, it will deploy it if its not existing. Can you please point me how i can achive the same feature of copying the war file to any specific folder and the app server will just re-deploy it. OR should i go about the "weblogic.delpoy" route. thank you
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    I suggest try using the tool wldeploy (ant task)... The documentation talks about autodeploy domain directory allows you to deploy an application quickly for evaluation or testing in a development environment. snippet from the link below : Bhagvan K