Tech Talk: Peter Walker, Java Business Integration 101


News: Tech Talk: Peter Walker, Java Business Integration 101

  1. Java Business Integration (JBI) acts as an enabler of integration and provides a normalized messages router which exchanges messages in a loosely coupled integration. JBI acts like a container of containers, allowing various service engines and binding components to plug in and communicate using a common messaging bus. Acting as a middle man, JBI is a specification containing SPIs (service provider interfaces) that can be used to write middleware, integrated middleware, change BPEL (business process execution language) or create new BPEL scripts using business process notation. In this Tech Talk, learn how JBI allows:
    • Working in an unrestrained environment
    • A wider community for integrating technologies
    • Giving a more loosely coupled approach to integration
    • Enabling plug-ins that are coupled with existing java applications
  2. In my opinion is the standard Java Business Integration (JBI) an excellent technology with destination to solutions for Service-oriented Architectures, how e.g. an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which can provide some independency and enables development of powerful Service-Components which can be applicable in different environments. Some greatful solutions from the Open Source Area, how e.g. Apache ServiceMix has today integrated the Standard in an excellent manner. How many manufacturers from the business areas has included the standard in their solutions ? Sorry for my English ... Roland SOA Kompetenznetzwerk
  3. Sorry, the right link is: Apache ServiceMix