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    Report generation provider Windward Studios has released Windward Reports Express, an entry-level introduction to J2EE/.NET reporting engine Windward reports, which uses Microsoft Word as a layout tool. This release is a single license that works with Java, .NET and AutoTag for Windward Reports. The express version is intended to allow developers experimentation with the look and feel of Windward Reports. While this release does have some limitations (i.e., no opportunities for upgrade or support and single report generation that allows for a maximum of 100 reports a day at 10 pages each), it provides the opportunity to try out Windward Reports with AutoTag without committing to the full system or developer's license purchase. Windward Reports works by merging an XML, SQL or custom data source with a Microsoft Word report template. It feeds data into the template to create a report that can be generated in PDF, .RTF, HTML, WordML, .XLS, SpreadsheetML, .TXT or multipart-MIME-email format. Available as a Java library, Windward Reports runs standalone or in an enterprise computing environment. What do you think of Windward Reports Express? Does it provide a good idea of how successful Windward Reports is as a reporting engine?

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    Thanks for share the information above Mr. David Thielen. There is a really interesting reporting/docgen system where you can design the templates in Microsoft Office. Makes the layout trivial. The review of it at An Evaluation of Windward Reports and you may find it.