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    Hello, Somebody had recommended this book but there are two verisions: Expert one-on-one & Expert one-on-one (Without EJB)?? I am fairly new to J2EE and want to learn more about it. Is there a big difference between the two? Should I be reading one before the other? What's the best way to start?
  2. The firts is more oldy and show you how to use EJB. The second is when Rod starting to "hate" EJB and write a book to show what you can do to have the features of EJB without using it. But with EJB3 this is quite diferente. Read the second volume, and after if you want to use EJB read a EJB3 book, if you want to use Spring read "Pro Spring" ;) for a complete newbye to JEE read "J2EE from novice to expert" ;) bye, good luck with J2EE
  3. Ok, I will read the one without EJB. I have acces to this book but would like some supplementary on-line text about J2EE. I don't want to buy another book. Is there any good on-line text I can refer to as I read Rod's book? Another thing. Does the second edition of the book have a sample program like the first (as I was told)?