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    Does anyone have any ideas on achieving load balancing? I am not quite sure how this is done in EJB.

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    Your container should do this for you. For example Sybase EAServer provides 4 algoritms for load balancing.

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    Hi ,

    Just read the following paragraph which will give an idea abt load balancing esp. in Weblogic.(Load balancing is achieve by clustering)
    Load Balancing

    In order for a cluster to be scalable, it must ensure that each server is fully utilized. The standard technique for accomplishing this is load-balancing. The basic idea behind load balancing is that by distributing the load proportionally among all the servers in the cluster, the servers can each run at full capacity. The trick to load-balancing is coming up with a technique that is simple yet sufficient. If all servers in the cluster are the same power and offer the same services, it is possible to use a very simple algorithm that requires no knowledge of the servers. If the servers vary in power or in the kind of services they deploy, the algorithm must take into account these differences.

    For HTTP session state clustering, the WebLogic Server proxy plug-ins provide only a round-robin algorithm for distributing requests to servlets and JSPs in a cluster. This load balancing method is described below.

    WebLogic Server clusters support several algorithms for load balancing clustered objects. The particular algorithm you choose is maintained within the replica-aware stub for the clustered object. Available algorithms for load balancing clustered objects are:


    Weight-based round-robin



  4. hi, for load balance and fail over,i supposed to not to use proxy plugin configuration ie weblogic load balance support for my application.i want to write my own java class that supports load balance and fail over.Please suggest me some resources (if any code snippets)to come up with my own java class that provides load balancing and fail over.