Headway Software has released Structure101 Version 2. This commercial product shows the complexity of a project's architecture, at the method, class, and jar levels. Using this product will illustrate the interdependencies of your code, which means it's easier to strengthen your architecture. This version adds:
  • A new Slice perspective that lets you see your whole code-base at any level of composition, for example at the class level, package level or at any design level. It also lets you quickly discover tangles and how they percolate up through the higher levels.
  • A dependency structure matrix ('dsm') representation for large dependency graphs (such as slices).
  • Tagging of code-level items in order to discover how they roll up through different slices and hierarchies.
  • Hiding of model items.
To download Structure101 for Java, please visit our download page, http://www.headwaysoftware.com/downloads. Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com