Last week Business Objects officially launched Crystal Reports for Eclipse Professional. This release builds on the Crystal Reports for Eclipse Basic edition, which has been available as a free download from since August. The Professional edition, geared towards developers that require a more robust runtime engine, introduces the most powerful version of Business Objects' Java runtime engine to date. At a price point of $495 US per server Crystal Reports for Eclipse Professional provides Java developers with the following benefits:
  • Up to 5X more throughput than the Basic runtime engine
  • Two technical support incidents
  • Licensing for multi-server deployments
The Eclipse integration itself is exactly the same as what you get with Crystal Reports for Eclipse Basic edition. At Business Objects we felt that it was important to give everyone the opportunity to benefit from the extensive bundle of tools we provide for Crystal Report developers working in Eclipse. Your upgrade decision should be based entirely on your runtime requirements and/or support needs, and not based on the list of tools included in the bundle. With the Professional launch, we have introduced an easy interface to allow users to add their Professional keycodes to existing installs of Crystal Reports for Eclipse Basic. This means that all of your existing applications built using the Basic edition can be upgraded to use the Professional engine with a single mouse click. Note: If you have downloaded the Basic version of Crystal Reports for Eclipse prior to the launch of the Professional edition you will need to update your existing install. You can use Eclipse's built-in Update Manager utility to easily do this. However, if you need further information you can check out the Eclipse section of Business Objects' Diamond site for step-by-step instructions on how to update your existing installs of Crystal Reports for Eclipse. To purchase Crystal Reports for Eclipse Professional visit our online store at: For more information about Crystal Reports for Eclipse, check out the Business Objects' Diamond site at Message was edited by: