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    SourceKibitzer.org has recently published metrics for all of the Jakarta Projects. These metrics are not only going to be readily available, however will also be updated on a week by week basis.There is a wide variety of metrics measured with new metrics being added as soon as they are found useful by the community. Metrics are categorized by reports:
    • Size Reports
    • Complexity Reports
    • Progress Reports
    The size report measures the likes of LOC (Lines of Code) and NCSS (Non Commenting Source Statements), whereas complexity reports concentrate on metrics such as NOM (Number of Methods) and WMC (Weighted Method Count). In addition the progress report gathers information about the weekly change in the projects code. These reports can be used to form an idea about the performance and activity as well as many other aspects of the projects. This data was made available by SourceKibitzer.org which is an online metrics database for open source community stakeholders. However it is not purely Jakarta that is under scrutiny, every open source project has an option to be analyzed by SourceKibitzer in order to make their metrics publicly available. The database is being constantly improved by adding more and more projects as well as metrics, thus potential open source contributors and users may find an interest in taking a closer look. Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com

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  2. Congrats on the public release, guys, but where are the Aranea metrics? ;)
  3. Aranea metrics - Look here ;) http://www.sourcekibitzer.org/project.php?name=Aranea%20Framework&path=aranea/aranea-framework/development-branch/
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    Cool idea. A natural extension would be to be able to point this at your own non-public projects so that you are using the same measurement terms.
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    Good idea but disappointing content... I am not that interested in those figures; I can't see what the metrics implies... for me, I juz want to know: is the library mature and stable enough? is the library flexible enough for any extension? is the library source good enough for me to understand? Figure without conclusion is nothing.
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    You can have complexity report, progress report, I think that will solve all your problems, cheers, http://www.javaicillusion.blogspot.com/
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    No offense. But I'm not sure I get it. What does this tell me? I can see that new code was added last week to some projects and not others. But couldn't I figure that out from the svn repo or the changelog? And a 4 week history is awfully short for a mature project that has sporadic updates. Will (Jakarta Velocity committer)
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    Will! Thank you for the comments! These will definitely help us to figure out better direction for improvments. Some ideas from our side: - if you need a longer history for Velocity project just let us know at info at sourcekibitzer dot org . We try to take each request coming from Open Source community very seriously - It is important to understand, that this service has just started :) we love incremental approach...so you will see new metrics, reports, projects soon! Mark www.sourcekibitzer.org