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    Hi Guys, Hope all is well. I am extensively looking into Spring at the moment and wanted to find out some more information about it and do a presentation in it also. Was wondering whether or not any of you guys could help me out a bit on things I would like to cover for my presentation. 1) What are the origins of Spring? 2) What issues did Spring set about to address with J2EE and why? 3) What versions of Spring are there and what are the differences? 4) What components of Spring are there, and what do they all do? 5) How does Spring compare to other Java frameworks and to EJB 3.0? 6) 20 companies that use Spring and what for? Obviously, I understand some of the above through my own research but I really wanted to find out what YOU guys think as technical people like yourselves are key to the presentation.

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    Dude, i think you can find a lot of information on Spring site. http://www.springframework.org/ http://www.springframework.org/links
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    Thanks Alexey, much appreciated. I have had a look at that already but as the article is quite old, it does not cover everything. Such as: The difference in Spring versions. All the components (including components in 2.0). Spring compared to EJB 3.0. and companies that currently use Spring/ case studies with names of companies included. Are there any other sites that you can direct me to that address the above?
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    If you search Spring tutorial on the web, you should find some good introductions on Spring. Sinc such a open source framework is evolving very fast, I really don't think you can find any PERFECT example to cover all or most lates features. IBM DeveloperWorks web site is also not bad. For Spring I personnally think you should evaluate what you need to lear and what not. IOC, Dependency Injection, Spring Web MVC, Spring ORM(Hibernate, EJB3 are worth learning. Spring AOP, I doubt it. AspectJ, JBoss all have different approach. Spring AOP seems to be the simplest.
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    Does Spring have a component that can replace all components from J2EE/ JEE Spec? E.G. Spring JDBC can replace JDBC, Spring JSF can Replace JSF, Spring Acegi can replace JAAS?