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    There is a situation: there is a hyper link on the page. this hyperlink is generated from some others program and it has been linked to a.jsp.I'm not able to modify this hyperlink.but it is included as a part of my web page. what I need is when user click this hyperlink,display a.jsp if it's meet critiria A, otherwise,display b.jsp. how can I do this with JSF? can I declare it in the JSF navigation rules? I'm not able to define from-outcome element. or, should I use phaselisner? or any other suggestions

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    I think when the user clicks the hyper link the request should go to your program otherwise I can't imagine how to implement you logic without changing other programs. If the hyper link was generated by a previous JSF request you definitely can configure the from-outcome. If the hyper link was geneated by a non-JSF request, the server side program to receive the request can forward the request to a.jsf or b.jsf based on your criteria logic.
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    Thank you for repling. the hyperlink is generated fron non-jsf application.if the hyperlink point to a.jsp, where should I implement the forward logic to b.jsp? in the phaselinsner? navigation rules? or in pageBean of a.jsp?