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    Assume we have a war file and two jars (one containg ejbs and other just the plain java) and a swing application at client machine. I need to deploy these files into different servers and enable them to talk to each other. war on tomcat1 jar with ejb on jboss1 jar with plain java on jboss2 swing app jar at any other machine. What are the steps involved? Does it depend on which webserver/appserver we are using?
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    You probably have 3 or machine for deployment. (1)One traditional Swing UI on the client machine, (2)Your Tomcat application server for UI presentation layer rendering, (3)One EJB jar on JBoss application server for business logic. another plain Java Jar on another JBoss server?? (4)You usually also need a DB server so that (3) can access it. (1) and (2) needs to access (3) either using JNP(port number is RMI 1099 by default) or HTTP. For (2), you can take advantage of HTTP to overcome the firewall issue. (2) deployment has lots of similarity among applications servers while (3) deployment diffs a lot. For example JBoss prefers centralized repository class loaders. Your plain Jar file is hard to understand. It may be JMX service or utility classes. If so it doesn't need to be separate from the EJB jar. You can put them into the same EJB jar or an EAR file(SAR jar is JBoss specific and I don't recommend it) if they have dependancy and have the similar deployment requirements.