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    Hi All, I have a task where in I need to send a huge xml document to an external app. The external app has given the schema which we need to adhere to. I am using XMLBeans to implement the same. But the problem is since the size of xml to create is huge more than 150 xml elements. I need to invoke the setter methods for all them when i want to create the xml doc. And since the xml doc is huge I would need to fetch the data from the mutiple database tables requiring a join. I was thinking if there is some elegant solution for this scenario. Like if i can combine 2-3 xml docs into one & then create a xml doc which adheres to external app schema. Another option I was thinking is there any way of mapping the database columns to the xml tag elements. Currently my work would involve invoking too much of resultset.get() & xmlbeans.setMethods Is this the only way to go which at the moment i feel is cumbersome since i am doing this for the first time. Or is there some neat solution for this problem Do put your suggestions Regards

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    I understand from your comment that there are lot of Setting to be done to bean .and you want a way around . If you want to avoid this look at using JAXB(Java XML Binding) which converts your XML to java objects automatically and vice versa . You can also look at open source tool called as Castor . all you have to do is to get the Schema (XSD) feed to Castor to get the java objects generated .Then use castor to marshall the XML to java objects .
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    Hi Sudhindra, Thanks for your response. I have to create an xml from java. I have the java class respresenting the xsd which has all the setter methods which I have to invoke. All this is fine. Now I have to fetch the data which i get in a Resultset. Which I have to sift through. I mean this a simple way. I was thinking if we have a more better way of doing this. Something like transparently sets all the attributes of the XMLBean generated class rather than I calling each getter/setter. Regards
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    Are you using an ORM tool such as Hibernate? You could use Hibernate to map your database to the same Java objects that your XML schema generated.
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    You might also want to investigate what tools your database offers - Oracle for example has lots of java and xml stuff bundled in with the latest versions and it sounds as though they might be what you are looking for.