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    Hello, We have a set of persistence APIs that has been built using the normal DAO/DTO pattern. The incoming data is always in the XML format, and we use Apache XMLBeans objects as the DTOs. We are planning to re-write the APIs using Hibernate to get rid of plenty of dirty JDBC code, and from the various posts out there, it appears as if Hibernate cannot use XMLBeans as its data beans? Just wanted to check what alternatives others out there are using instead. I looked at HyperJAXB, but ran into several issues (like OutOfMemory, size of methods being too large leading to a failure in compilation) trying to just generate the beans for my schema (the schema is fairly huge). I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks -Amit
  2. I haven't tried by myself, but I think you can take help of Spring APIs i.e. org.springframework.oxm.xmlbeans.You may wish to give a try to that.