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News: Podcast: Simon Phipps on Java and Open Source

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    While many people equate "open source" with "Linux" or "free," the truth is much more far-reaching than short-term cost savings or a challenge to incumbent vendors. In this podcast, taken from his keynote presentation titled "The Zen of Free: Models for Understanding Open Source Software" at TSSJS-Europe, Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer at Sun, discusses the evolution and benefits of open source.
    What matters to us, in the world of open source software development, is not so much the license - yes, that's very important, and the shift towards pre-approved licensing is a key shift, but what matters to us is, assuming we're able to demonstrate adequate skill, are we able to get commit privileges, are we able to influence the direction of the community, and most importantly, do we have the tools with which we are able to make business commitments to our customers. Those are the really important questions if you're looking at an open source community.
    In particular, Phipps covers the model behind open source, and how the social context in which it is appearing changes the development, delivery and pricing of software. Phipps also describes his idea of the best open source-based products, and different delivery and product models that are likely to emerge. Based on your experiences, what open source product models are most successful? In what areas do you see open source affecting software the most?
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    I didn't find anything that would have been interest to programmers. The vast majority of them would already be aware of everything he said. It sounded like it should have been given at a Sun shareholders meeting in order to explain to non-techs how Sun will still make money with an open source model.