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    Hi, I have a web application which we need to deploy across different application servers as a .war file. The web.xml contains some configuration information that needs to be specified at deployment time . The 2 ways I am looking at is : ENV-Entry tag (Then refer to the variable in the code using JNDI) OR Initialization Parameters of servlet I just wanted to know whether there is a mechanism on the various J2EE application server to update these propeties in the web.xml file. Basically I don't want to specify these values before generating the war file. I want the deployer to install the war file on the application server and then change these values from the administrative console. Is this possible. I looked at websphere 5 Express but could not find a way to change the values in the web.xml. The only thing I found out was how to map datasource names to resource-refs. Or is there any other way to store this information and change them at runtime Thanks in advance. Regards Anand
  2. You may want to consider using MBeans. MBeans come with an html adopter that lets you modifies these values at the runtime.