Parabuild 3.0 Software Build Management Server Released


News: Parabuild 3.0 Software Build Management Server Released

  1. Viewtier Systems, Inc., has announced the release of its software build management server Parabuild 3.0. Parabuild's ability to deliver potentially unbreakable daily builds helps software organizations reduce high risks of failures of projects. Parabuild is priced at $1000 for a Standard edition. Parabuild 3.0 delivers an extensive set of new features including improved accessibility, full-cycle software build management, fast web user interface, flexible notification policies and advanced LDAP-based security. This release adds integration with major version controls systems: MKS Source Integrity; PVCS/Serena ChangeMan Version Manager, SourceGear Vault and Borland StarTeam. Other changes include the ability to customize reports per user, the ability to resume builds despite steps failing, the ability to have a display group to watch only failed builds, a fine-grained notification policy, and many other features. Message was edited by:

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    I'm REALLY happy with Maven and Continuum. Previously I was pretty happy with ANT and Luntbuild, but Ant led to too much chaos. How is Parabuild going to prevent someone from checking in bad code that breaks the build?
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    My take on this is that you don't break the build only if you don't do anything. It is OK to break the build. It is not OK to leave it broken. That where Parabuild comes to help and let you know if your changes break the build so that you can react and fix the breakage. Also, don't check in anything after 5:00PM. This alone can reduce breakage in half. Hope this helps. Regards, Slava Imeshev