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    Anyone know a open source tool for mapping XSLT? Among the commercial tools which one is better - XSLT Mapper (Stylus Studio) or the Altova MapForce? Thanks in Advance. Ranjith
  2. How simple is your mapping task?[ Go to top ]

    I've tried a number of mapping tools, and I have never ever been able to use any for a real mapping problem. They are probably fine if you have a simple mapping task where you are copying text in a simple way from one XML document to another. However, if you need to modify or restructure the information as you go from input XML to output XML, you may find as I did that the mapping tools don't give you the same power as writing XSLT or Java directly gives to you. For some mapping tasks, writing the XSLT is vastly quicker than using a mapping tool. So, use mapping tools with caution. Cheers, Tony.
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    Thanks Tony. Ranjith
  4. You can find it at It can handle a very complicated data structure and generate perfect style sheet.