This chapter from RSS and Atom in Action, titled "Development kick-start," walks through installing a blog server and developing a simple blog application (a console program that can post to a blog) using the MetaWebLog API, a widely supported XML-RPC based Web services protocol that allows retrieving, posting and updating blog entries. RSS and Atom in Action: Web 2.0 Building Blocks shows the reader, through numerous examples in Java and C#, how to parse Atom and RSS format newsfeeds, how to generate valid newsfeeds and serve them efficiently, and how to automate blogging via Web services based on the new Atom protocol and the older MetaWebLog API. The book also shows how to develop a complete blog client library that readers can use in their own applications. The second half of the book is devoted to a dozen blog apps - small but immediately useful example applications such as a community aggregator, a file distribution newsfeed, a blog cross-poster, an email-to-blog gateway, and Ant tasks for blogging software builds. What are your experiences with the MetaWebLog API? How useful do you find it for handling blog entries as in this example?