Why is Spring MVC not used widely?


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    In today's market we can see tons of MVC web frameworks popping up every single day. I worked on several of them for various of my projects. I was curious to know why people use Spring for all other aspects except for MVC. Spring has Spring MVC for building web applications still people look for webwork , Struts or JSF or some equivalents but use Spring with it. I know Spring is lightweight and can be easily integrated with any framework but just not sure why Spring MVC is not used for web applications. Any thoughts? Thanks Ravisekhar Kopparthi
  2. Part of your information is true. Spring is light weight and can be easily pluggable to any others. But, your perception on Spring MVC is not really acceptable. People use, Spring MVC. But, Other frameworks gives them some kind of features which spring MVC can't and is also business need.
  3. Krishna, You mentioned Spring MVC is being used but doesn't have that many features as other frameworks. Can you highlight some? Thanks
  4. it is.