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    I am having a stateful bean which calls my Statelss bean.My client is a servlet which invokes my StatefulBean.Till stateful bean its work fine and it gets the reference of stateless also ,but when i invoke a method of stateless bean from stateful bean it gives java.lang.linkage error.
    I have not written <ejb-ref> in descriptor.Is the problem is becoz of this?If yes can you tell me how to write it, both my beans are in different jar files.

  2. Amit,
    I tried invoking a statless session bean from an stateful bean. It worked for me.
    Are you doing anything special ?


  3. Neither do I have the <ejb-ref> set.
  4. Thanx Bhavesh for ur efforts.Actuall my code too works fine when i run it with simple java client,but when i make my servlet as a client then it gives the error.