XINS 1.5.0, an open source web services package, has been released. While previous releases already were protocol-independent, this release adds more flexibility by allowing all HTTP methods, so a REST-based protocol could be developed. JMX compliance has been added, so if the XINS servlet is deployed in a JMX-supporting environment (such as WebLogic, Tomcat or any modern servlet container), standard tools can be used to monitor and manage the XINS application. Integration with various tools has been added or extended, including Eclipse, NetBeans, PMD, FindBugs, Java2HTML, JMeter, Ant (custom tasks), etc. A lot of other improvements were implemented, including improved OpenDocument export and various bug fixes. All of this fits in the mail goal of XINS:
Provide a framework for web application development that excels in simplicity and consistency.
XINS 1.5.0 can be downloaded as a Windows installer or as a platform-independent .tar.gz file. For more information, see the XINS documentation page.