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    Hi, I am new to struts, I have created a jsp page and trying to submit the data from the page to action servlet. But it is not executing the execute() method of ActionServlet. Can anyone please help me. I am providing my struts-config.xml entry. <!-- Data Sources --> <!-- Form Beans --> <!-- Global Exceptions --> <!-- Global Forwards --> <!-- <forward name="welcome" path="/"/> <forward name="logon" path="/"/> --> <!-- Action Mappings --> <!-- Message Resources --> if I remove the input attribute from servlet-mapping it gives error that no input attribute defined. On giving this it remains on the same page. Thanking you in anticipation Amit Kanodia
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    try changing the name of form bean to some other name. You are using the name that is same as class name
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    Thanks for your reply. But it is perfectly acceptable with the form-bean tag having any name to represent the bean. This is just to make the reference to the particular bean.