Integration with anoter system using XML-RPC


General J2EE: Integration with anoter system using XML-RPC

  1. Hi all, I'm studying for my Universitary thesis an example of integration between 2 systems. It's a e-commerce site which uses j2ee for displaying products and another legacy system for paying with credit card. The protocol used to interface with the legacy system is xml-rpc over HTTPS. I think this is a fine solution for web clients. Anyway I have to write a solution which is compatible also with a Swing client.....can anyone give me some hints about how to set up correctly this layer ? are there any solution which allow to communicate both from a stand alone client and a Web application ? I need only to set up an architectural point of view, I don't need to specify third-part products or anything concerned too much with details of implementation..... Thanks in advance Francesco
  2. Dude, try to use WEB services(AXIS2)