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    Hi, I was active a few years ago, in the area of EJBs. At that time, the IDE's were quite rudimentary, and one would almost rather prefer to do everything by hand.. I am used to model in UML, and only afterwards to get down to lower levels of design - so quite the classic way. But this classic way of design makes sense, especially when having to do with several business partners, UML can make a great "common ground" for discussions. I am thus looking for an IDE, which can fulfill the following (doesnt have to be 1 IDE, can also be constituted by several components): - UML Modeling: Requirements Analysis, Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence, Collaboration, State Diagrams, etc. etc. Component Diagrams - everything. - Java Development Support, Enterprise Java, Development of EJBs - Deployment of EJBs, Integration with JBoss (as VISUAL (graphical) and AUTOMATED as possible !!!!) - many visual modeling features - graphical Interface for Java GUI Design Optional: - Exporting of UML Diagrams as Graphic File - Integration with many App Servers (Bea Weblogic, Websphere, etc.) - Testing Tools, also for Robustness Tests, Load Capacity etc. - EER Modelling, Database Support, visual Interface to several databases (graphical presentation SQL tables and their relations with each other), graphical design and representation of queries (MS-Access Style) I think theres nothing more to add - even if I forgot something, I believe that an IDE fulfilling these features has already caught "the spirit" and will fulfill any of the rest that I could imagine. Do you know such an IDE ? Many proposed to me the solution of "Eclipse with Plugins". I tried this 2 years ago.. was quite a deception - too many things to do manually, too many automatable steps to do each and every time, etc. Looking forward for your suggestions and experiences, Jay
  2. My personal favorites (there are tons of other) Design tools (UML, class diagram, sequence diagram) - Ratioanl Suite of products (Rose, Requisite Pro..etc) - Visual Professional IDEs - Eclipse - NetBeans