Created three months ago, SourceKibitzer collects and measures programming metrics from Java open source projects all over the web in order to get an idea about code quality and inside information of the projects. The essential difference of the SourceKibitzer compared to few alternatives is speed: professional authors promise to give you assessment and feedback after one day of the request. After that your project will be regularly monitored and analyzed without additional inquiries. They do it for free and they are ready to work on it 24 h per day. Why? Oxford dictionary defines "kibitzer" as a person who looks on and offers unwelcome advice, especially at a card game. That is what creators of the current service crave for, but in the field of programming source code, not at the card table. As SourceKibitzer works with Java Open Source projects only, it provides more detailed metrics that are specific to Java language and is the fastest in this field. Welcome to the if you want - to view and compare you metrics with works of Open Source leaders; - to improve the quality of your OS projects; - to have a better idea of progress of your favorite OS tool. To get your project kibitzed, please provide SourceKibitzer (mail to: kibitzme at sourcekibitzer dot org) with the following information: - Name and homepage of the project; - Location of the versioning system, usually CVS or Subversion URL; - Path to location of the project's Java sources. Cognition comes through comparison.