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    Hi, I'm using EJB3 stateless session beans and entities defined in the persistence API with Hibernate validation annotations, all running in the same instance of JBoss 4.0.5 in the same EAR file. I have a stateless session bean with an injected EntityManager instance variable. Methods in this bean use this entityManager to persist entity objects. I'm running a remote debugger on JBoss and I stepping on the entityManager.persist(...) commands inside the stateless bean implementation. At the same time I'm querying the DB (MySQL). I see that right after each persist invocation, the table includes another row, meaning JBoss is committing the transaction right after the persist , and not in the end of this method invocation. I also tried throwing an exception from the bean between 2 persist commands, and I actually see that the DB contains only one row (representing the first persist ). This is strange, since as far as I understand, the entire invocation should be atomic. Have I misunderstood something...? I tried marking the entire EJB with @TransactionManagement(TransactionManagementType.CONTAINER) and marking the method with several @TransactionAttribute s ( REQUIRED , REQUIRES_NEW ). A bit about the architecture of my application: I have a servlet getting a reference from the JNDI to the stateless bean, which in turn uses an injected entity manager to persist the just-created entities. A bit about the structure of my application: The servlet is in a WAR, the stateless bean is in another JAR, and the entities are in a third archive (JAR). The persistence.xml file is in the same JAR with the stateless bean, and it defines the persistence unit in the following manner: which means that I'm injecting this persistence unit to the EJB in the following manner: @PersistenceContext(name = "mycontext") private EntityManager entityManager; I'm getting the reference to that EJB from the servlet in the following manner: (AuthenticationLocal)(new InitialContext().lookup(AuthenticationLocal.LocalJndiName) ( AuthenticationLocal.LocalJndiName is actually defined in AuthenticationLocal the following way: public static final String LocalJndiName = EAR_FILE_NAME + "/" + AuthenticationBean.class.getSimpleName() + "/local"; Amit Kasher

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    I had a similar problem once. The problem there was that I used the wrong model for my MySQL tables (MyISAM which is the default). Excerpt from MySQL manual: MySQL supports two different kinds of tables: transaction-safe tables (InnoDB and BDB) and not transaction-safe tables (HEAP, ISAM, MERGE, and MyISAM). If you use ISAM with auto-comit every statement is commited.
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    I was about to update that this is what I've just found... This was the problem. I Added the following line in my.ini file inside MySQL installation, and it solved it. default-storage-engine=innodb Hibernate automatic schema generation started creating tables using InnoDB, and atomic transactions now work. Thanks! Amit Kasher