The Portal open source project on has added the next piece to it's assembly of components -- an implementation of the OASIS WSRP v1.0 specification. The milestone 1 build tries to deliver a implementation that consists of 1. WSRP Producer - Allows creation of multiple producers. 2. WSRP Consumer - Deliver a Container API implementation that can be used by any aggregators 3. WSRP Test Driver - Use the above WSRP Consumer Container API and deliver a test driver based on portlet container test driver 4. WSRP Admin Portlets - Provide an user interface for the WSRP Mbeans. 5. WSRP Mbeans with sample admin server - Export WSRP administrative interface as Mbeans and provide a sample Mbean server. The WSRP functionality is built over the Portlet Container Open Source Project at