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    Hi everybody

    I am using JBuilder 4 and IAS 4.5.
    I am calling an Entity Bean in a Session Bean.
    To minimize RPC's I want to do lookup through EJBRefrence pannel (In
    Deployment Descriptor)of a Session Bean.
    Both beans are in seperate JAR's and same container.
    In EJBRefrence pannel i have specified all the properties(home and remote
    interfaces and JNDI name).

    Am i doing it right?
    If yes then..
    How can i use an entity bean for transactions??

    Please explain me in detail.


  2. Hi there Medha,
    Could u tell me, where i can find a description of this EJBReference Panel thing...coz i never heard of it....
    Plz Reply at
    g_sahil at usa dot net
  3. Hi Sahil

    Go to Inprise Appserver's(IAS) help
    under section "Using Deployment Descriptor Editor" you will
    find discription of EJB References or EJB References Panel.
    (not much though)

    If you are using JBuilder go to EJB Deployment Descriptor
    of EJB.
  4. Hi Sahil

    If you want to know the significance of using EJB Refrences then visit this page


  5. Thanx