Poseidon for UML 5.0 released


News: Poseidon for UML 5.0 released

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    The newest major release of Poseidon for UML completely updates the Deployment diagram to be fully compliant with the UML 2.0 specification, including the ability to manifest elements in artifacts and deploy these artifacts across nodes. The user interface has also undergone some massive improvements to make you even more productive when editing and navigating in models. Look for the major changes in the navigation panel where you can now drag and drop elements within the navigation tree, the details panel with it's new style handling and redesigned properties panel, and the rapid buttons in diagrams. The Community Edition is now available for commercial use with a license rental for either one period or on a continuing basis through the Rent Subscription. The free version remains available without export options such as printing and saving. Highlights of Poseidon for UML 5.0 include:
    • Fully UML 2.0 compliant Deployment diagrams
    • More powerful navigation trees with drag and drop
    • Tree view in property panels for quicker access
    • Enhanced style handling
    • Streamlined rapid buttons
    • Element documentation generated in notes
    • Improved navigation to elements and contained diagrams

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    I have used previous versions of Poseidon. It is a very good tool. The non-commerical edition is free.
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    The community edition used to be free, but now your must acquire a rent subscription... too bad. That is why I switched to StarUML, is good enough for me and completely free, even for commercial purposes.