What does the access type in entities mean?


EJB design: What does the access type in entities mean?

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    Hi, What does the access type mean? What matter does it practically make if I annotate fields or getters/setters? I understand that I should avoid mixing these access types, and everything there is to understand about how to configure it, but I just don't understand what it is... I must declare fields as not-private if I'm using field access type? It would be great if someone can explain that even with a piece of code. Thanks, Amit
  2. OK I found the answer. When annotating fields, the persistence provider directly accesses the fields and doesn't invoke the getters/setters as it would do when property accessor annotation is used. Property accessor annotations, on the one hand allows more flexibility in validating just-read data or refining going-to-be-written data, but this will also be called in entity state transitions. Also, you really rarely need validation of just-read data. Use callback methods if you do need it. Obviously, the logical property name will be determined from either the getter/setter, or from the field name. Also, annotating fields and not getters/setters allows decoupling the public getter/setter methods with the underlying type of the columns and the logical properties. Amit Kasher