Interoperability Blog: Neward on a Dirt-Simple Web Service


News: Interoperability Blog: Neward on a Dirt-Simple Web Service

  1. Ted Neward discusses interop on TheServerSide.COM Interoperability Blog. The topic is that most obvious of interoperability choices, the ubiquitous "Web service," along the way employing WCF, VB, WebLogic, WSDL and more. This could be described as a dirt-simple Web service. Ignored are some significant issues, such as how to pass data types more sophisticated than a String. But a working Web service can set the stage for discussion of this means of interoperability, its pros and its cons. Visit TheServerSide Interoperability Blog. Join the discussion.
  2. OK, who took Ted. I know Ted, (well, books and blog) and this is not Ted. This is some guy giving away crack on the playground. I would expect Ted to be more critical like the Vietnam of WS-*. At least be a "WSDL first" guy. Other than the overly simple "free-crack-til-your-hooked" article, I would only say beware of WebLogic's proprietary "WLHttpTransport" annotaton. Not that it doesn't work, but after you realize you can host your stateless web service on something as simple as Tomcat or even the new all-on-one J2SE6, using the annotation risks portability. Deploy to WebLogic, yes but stay to the spec or give yourself an out to what has become another commoditized and substitutable web tier technology.
  3. Interop with "dirt simple" web services have never been an issue. Maybe so 2 or more years ago, but current (Java) web service stacks have matured to an extent that interop between "dirt simple" web services that are essentially Basic Profile 1.1 compliant is not an issue for simple (interop) scenarios. However, start passing complex types, graphs of complex types, arrays of complex types, nulls and you get to see that different Java web service stacks behave quite differently at [runtime]. Throw in WS-Security, WS-ReliableMessaging and some other assorted WS-* standards and you're almost guaranteed to run into a whole lot of interop headaches. -krish