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    HI For my application i have a caching mechansim whcih sets the expiry date to the static contents.(js,css and image files). For this i have a Filter class whcih extends javax.servlet.Filter whcih sets the expiry date. httpservletresponse.addDateHeader("Expires", 0); But in case i change the a js file in the future, then i want this file to be requested again from the server though it has been cached prevoisly. I tried to inlude public long getLastModified(HttpServletRequest req)in my jsp but doesnt even get called.Not sure How to handle this? Is there any other mechanism to handle such cases?

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    Hi, I'm not sure I understand what your problem is. Is it your httpfilter that caches your resource files (js, css etc..)? And when a new file is uploaded you need the server to flush the cache? First option: Is that cache needed? Moving files in and out of cache isn't cheap. Skip the cache. Second option: Let the filter decide what to do. Every day, when the first request enters: Flush the cache. Third option: Make an url that activates a servlet that flushes your cache.
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    See cache filter in JSOS: