New Netbeans plugin for Portal Development


News: New Netbeans plugin for Portal Development

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    Charles Ditzel has announced the initial release of the "Portal Pack NetBeans Portlet Plugin," which allows development of portlets and their deployment into the open-source Portlet Container hosting environment. Portals and portlets have been quiet lately (although some have been updated, to be sure, such as the iPoint portal 2.3 release, announced on the same day that the Netbeans plugin was) compared to how busy the portlet world was last year. It could be because web technologies like AJAX have taken over developer focus again, but as people learn to leverage these technologies, one can expect portlets to regain popularity. Plugins like this should help developers quite a bit.
  2. Check this blog for more details[ Go to top ]

    For more details about this new portlet plugin check this blog
  3. does not works in linux. when i tried to new a project from Portlet kind i did not find any portlet related project in new project menu.
  4. Go to Tools > Module Manager of NetBeans 5.5 and check if the plugin is installed properly. It should install "Generic Portlets" and "OpenSource PC" module under Portalpack category and "Base PSFramework" under Libray category. Is your NetBeans IDE installed in a shared location like /opt etc. ? Then try installing NetBeans for a user account or for root and try this plugin.