riyaz ,bangalore reg starting my own Job,J2ee -do kindly reply Hye Respected Brothers & Sisters, Iam a B.E (EEE) graduate, Sun certified Java Programmer. After getting unsatisfied and tired - hunting job , i want to start my own job earning money in J2ee world. I have cleared many interviews but i was not responded properly , dragged for response. I had hard 2 1/2 years from my graduation. Hope these are the indication from allmighty to start my own software buisness. I am thinkin of buying laptop+internet connection and start doing J2ee projects for websites in market(Sourceforge.net, topcoder.com). Continued by it i would start building websites for Buisness clients. Coupled with the above i would update with the latest trend in market. So Respected Senior, kindly do sugest me how to proceed. Objections along with sollutions would be most appretiable. u can even mail me at ria_abdullah at yahoo dot co dot in. Thanks In Advance. Your Junior Riyazudeen.S