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EJB programming & troubleshooting: Making a connection of oracle 8i with Weblogic 6.0

  1. Making a connection of oracle 8i with Weblogic 6.0 (7 messages)

    dear Frnds
    I have downloaded Weblogic order to develop conatiner manage beans with oracle8i as DB,wht is the way to achieve this. ples help me

  2. Hey Anita,
    Just create a connection pool and use that connection pool to get the access to the database specify the database URL and the driver names correctly and u can also select a table name to test the connection at the time of server start up....
  3. thnks Sahil for your rseponse

    My problem is that i hav made the Connection Pool , but dont know if the connection created is correct or not. Although i tested the connection of oracle with weblogic thru command promt by utils.dbping.
    Now the problem is that i am trying to deploy the container managed bean code(already running on weblogic 5.1)on weblogic 6.0, but the server says tht bean can not be deployed and gives 4 possible reasons:
    i checked my bean according to those possible reasons, but no result.

    Is the problem in Deployment Descriptor? if yes then plese suggest me wht are the changes required to run that bean in Weblogic 6.0.Also tell me how to chck if i the connection pool is correct and the problem is not because of that.

    thnks in advance


  4. Hey there anita,
    U know what i ne'er worked on WL5.1 but i think that u guys use some properties file if i am not wrong and in that file u have the env settings for the weblogic but in 6 we are using the config.xml as the env file so first thing in case u'r beans are not deployed in the config file then what u gotta do is deploy them there and the best way wud be to go to the wl 6 console and select the "change the weblogic properties file" option and that will generate the rt code in the config.xml by reading the same from u'r properties file ..
    In case utils.dbping works fine that means that it is not a DB error and that WL can connect to the DB using the connection pool name that u have given..
    Do this and then u can put forth any other queries....
    And plz mail to me coz i a not here very often
    at g_sahil at usa dot net
  5. Hi anita!
    My problem is that while running that dbping utility or while connecting to database ,I am getting an authentication exception saying the username and password cannot be verified at the server.I feel it is something to do with the cmd line arg.Tell me what do u write in place of
    [server | db@server:port] or how to handle this exception.
  6. hi Rohit
    try this one from command line:

    java utils.t3dbping t3://localhost:7001 scott tiger ""
    sun.jdbc.odbc.Jdbcodbcdriver jdbc:odbc:oracle(this is the DSN name)

    tell me if it works



  7. there are a couple of ways you can implement connection pooling using weblogic 6.0. you can use the console (http://localhost:7001/console, if the server is on the localhost). U create a connection pool and bind that to a DataSource.

    the other way is to add them in the config.xml file. the first one is quite easy.

    if you can tell me about those exceptions, I would be able to help

  8. Hi srini thnkns
    but binding of the data source is not provided in ejb1.1 tht is in ejb2.0