Hi All: I am currently using Weblogic 8.1. Currently, the ejb-jar.xml contains the following: Customer-HomeAddress Customer-has-a-Address one CustomerEJB homeAddress Address-belongs-to-Customer one AddressEJB In the weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml file: Customer-HomeAddress Customer-has-a-Address ADDRESS_ID ID In the Customer table, it has an ADDRESS_ID field. What I am confused about is where in the weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml and ejb-jar.xml file will indicated that the Customer table has a foreign key of ADDRESS_ID field. Not the other way around of the Address table has a foreign key of "CustomerId". The reason I am asking this is because if you look at the weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml and ejb-jar.xml below I can't tell if in the Phones table there is a foreign key to Customer or inside the Customer table there is a foreign key to Phones: Inside the weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml file : Customer-Phones Phone-belongs-to-Customer CUSTOMER_ID ID Inside the ejb-jar.xml: Customer-Phones Customer-has-many-Phone-numbers one CustomerEJB phoneNumbers java.util.Collection Phone-belongs-to-Customer many PhoneEJB Yours, Curious