Qexo 1.9 beta released - compiles XQuery to Java


News: Qexo 1.9 beta released - compiles XQuery to Java

  1. Qexo 1.9 has been released in beta. Qexo compiles XQuery to Java bytecode using Kawa. XQuery is effectively a programming language in itself, so one wonders if it'd qualify as a scripting language for use in Java SE 6 (or if it'd be suitable for embedding into the Java Content Repository specification...) Examples on the site include simple compilation of XQuery, as one would expect, but also examples of using Qexo (and Kawa) in a web application.

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    although it is hosted on the gnu site ,it has MIT license,so it is compatible with both apache and gnu licenses i think this may b of great intrest to communities like ESB mediation framework(synapse)or data driven arch,or B2B i'll give it a try