The company that idcmp works for is hiring and idcmp is interviewing. In his blog he comments on the lack of strong candidates in the market. He also expresses his dismay in how candidates conduct themselves during the interviewing process. Here is a summary of the tips from idcmp;
  • Have an opinion and justify it.
  • be real, everyone has problems sometimes, it is how you manage them that counts
  • update your mythology, you may think that reflection is slow if you’ve been programming in Java for a long time but…
  • Be details oriented and technical. Understand who you are talking to and talk to them at that level.
  • know when to say “I don’t know.”
There are a number of other words that may come off as condescending such as "simple" or "trivial".
While you're weeding, drop "obviously" too; that drives me nuts.
According to idcmp, if you follow these five little tips, you’ll be ahead of any of the developers that he’s been interviewing and if you’ve been following them, he’d like to talk to you.