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    AquaFold has announced the availability of Aqua Data Studio 6.0, which provides database administration tools to help monitor and administer Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Postgres, and MySQL databases. With the new release, ADS adds more Sybase and MS SQL functionality, tight integration with the Windows and OSX operating system, new difference tools, an enhanced Excel-like Table Data Editor, and more features to enhance the productivity of datbase professionals. Aqua Data Studio is available on the Windows, Linux, OSX, Solaris and FreeBSD Operating Systems. The new release includes: Application Level Enhancements - Operation System Integration - OSX Integration - Windows Integration - Keymapping Profiles - Complete and Customizable Keymapping Profiles - User Interface - Tabbed Documents - Toolbars - Menu Action Items - Configurable Options - Server Registration - Default Driver Parameter - Enable/Disable Server Directory Mounting/Unmounting General - Schema Browser - Object and Column Permission Dialog Enhancements - Script Object Permissions - My Schema Node - Customizable view for Objects Editors - Find & Replace - Support for Regular Expressions - SQL Editor: customization and options - Procedure/Function Editor: enhancements - New Editors - Text, HTML and XML Editors - Oracle Package Editor - Image Viewer Tools - Query Analyzer Enhancements - Query Builder Enhancements - Table Data Editor Enhancements - SQL History Enhancements - Script Generator - ER Diagram Generator - New Query Execution Monitor - New Difference Tools - Schema Difference Tool - Directory Difference Tool - File Difference Tool - Tab Difference Tool - Copy History Difference Tool Database Administration Tools - DBA Tools Enhancements - New Tools - SQL Server DBA Tools - Sybase DBA Tools New & Specific Database Support - New Sybase IQ Support - Support for DB2 9 - Support for Sybase Anywhere 10 - PostgreSQL 8.1 Support - Oracle - Sybase ASE - Over 200 new features. A complete list of features and descriptions may be found at ... - Aqua Data Studio is available for immediate download at ... - . Licenses start at $399USD each for up to 20 licenses, with costs decreasing after that.

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  2. ADS is the best DB tool for the mac[ Go to top ]

    I'll chip in here and say that ADS is, for me, the clear winner in the DB Tool space for anyone using a mac (can't say for PC). Having cast around and tested many different tools - most of them Java - that work on the mac, none is as good as ADS. I mainly use ADS for writing and tuning queries against an Oracle database, and it works well for me. The only major annoyance in earlier versions is that the key bindings for the mac are somewhat screwy (cmd-arrows don't work as you'd expect etc.), but this is vastly improved in 6.0. Oh, and I should also mention that for anyone lucky enough to be working in an academic institution that AquaFold has extremely generous academic licensing options. Congratulations to AquaFold. -Tim Fennell Stripes: Because web development should just be easier
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    I've been using ADS for about a year and it's the best multi DB admin tool I've seen. I work with SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle and it's just great to have a tool that handles all of these nicely. One bad thing about the new ADS version is, that there doesn't seem to be any free licenses for non-commercial usage anymore as there were for the earlier version. The price is not very high, but why not offer ADS for free for OS project people? Anyhow, congratulations AquaFold on a great job!