gDevelop 1.0 - GWT WYSIWYG environment for jDeveloper


News: gDevelop 1.0 - GWT WYSIWYG environment for jDeveloper

  1. gDevelop 1.0 has been released. This is a plugin for Oracle's jDeveloper product; it allows visual design of GWT applications and widgets. It's for Windows only right now, but Linux and Mac support is expected. (Apparently the Solaris users like your Humble Editor are left out in the cold when it comes to things like GWT WYSIWYG.) Another interesting feature is that the gDevelop authors eat their own dog food: their site has a GWT mode.
  2. I followed their instructions and examples. I was able to get it installed and setup but when I select the GWT Design tab I would get nothing. From the regular Design tab I could select GWT Container from the Palette slector but there was no GWT.
  3. GDevelop keeps asking to add paths to my project over and over again even after saying yes. Then it just simply doesn't work. The canvas is blank and component palette only contains Swing controls.