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    Hi, I just started reading a bit about BusinessDelegate pattern and I am wondering whether it is still being used with ejb3.0. Besides providing abstraction layer to the session facade some of the benefits of using a delegate was to cache EJBHome, or to provide client with the byteCode for the serialized ejb Handles and to abstract ejb/rmi exception from the client code. Is this pattern still applicable to ejb3.0 since now we don't use ejbHome, ejb/rmi exceptions are not visible and you have dependency injection. In ejb3.0 is the approach of serializing ebj handle still viable? Thanks for your help, I am new to both ejb2/ejb3.0. Thanks,

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    I too would like to know if this makes sense in the EJB 3 world - I'm perplexed about caching a reference to the Session bean. Would this result in better performance? Would it enforce the use of the same instance, thus negating the benefits of the pool?
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    I dont know if iam answering your question straight enough. But i had the same question earlier so i did some research on web. I was going through spring docs and it has very good way of dealing with legacy EJB2.0 or even EJB3.0 If we want to access ejb2.0 as session either local or remote spring has or where you give the jndi name for your ejb and if that ejb happens to be ejb3 it would directly call it or does whatever needs to be done if its ejb2.0 where it has take care of those Remote exception and jndi look ups that serviceLocator may have done etc...... Basically spring creates a proxy of a Business method interface(Non Ejb specific) .... if you read through the document it will make more sense.,..