Loading Java libraries into Oracle JVM. Or Calling JAVA routines


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Loading Java libraries into Oracle JVM. Or Calling JAVA routines

  1. Dear All, We have a requirement to call the JAVA methods from oracle stored procedures, to invoke the JBOSS rules engine from Oracle SQL procedures. We are using OC4J application server. Oracle mandates (as of my knowledge ) to use the ‘loadjava’ command to load the libraries. If I use that It loads/exports all JBOSS Rules Engine (JBossRE) Libraries into Oracle DB/JVM. Since there are thousands of libraries in the JBossRE , it took more than a 5 Hours to complete the JOB and many of the items are not resolved.Even I try to resolve the un-resolved items externally, no luck. So while calling the Java API from the Oracle stored procedure , it failed. Is there anyway/alternative way to load the external Java classes into ORACLE JVM or How to call the external JAVA API from the Oracle stored procedure. Your help is very much useful to me to push my PoC out of the door. Thank You, Siva Tekumudi
  2. I was in your situation 3 months ago. Solution by load all classes to the Database engine is not efficient. My solution is - I wrote a servlet/jsp that will call that routine/method - I invoked that servlet/jsp from PLSQL using utl_http.request It is a workaround solution, but it works. And please consider authorization to access this servlet/jsp.
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    Thank you for your solution, I am trying it out now..