DBSight is a J2EE web application that can quickly create a full-text Google-like or Amazon-like search engine on any database or application. Average under 0.02 seconds for in-memory mode search on 500M data. Used in production websits. Current release 1.3.6 include lots of fixes and especially a concatented-SQL mode for greater flexibility to crawl database tables: + add parameter string concatenation mode, in addition to variable binding, + range query field name changed to non case-sensitive + fix possible column name overlapping + debug mode in search for easier remote debug + synchronized log writing to prevent mangled log format + fix xml template's encoding + improve search performance in multiple narrowBy mode + fix NPE in doc.getValues + remove session usage to avoid possible J2EE memory growth + reduce memory consumption by avoiding open index several times + catch getConnection loginTimeout unsupported exception for some drivers + reduce memory consumption for Keywords type + remove the velocity log messages + default getConnection loginTimeout to 100 seconds, to prevent blocking for connections + correct field:"value" behavior under "OR" mode DBSight provides a turn-key solution to design Lucene full-text search on any database, and provide many convenient features for both admins and end users. No java coding! * Design Time: Integrated index designer to flatten any database objects by SQL Integrated results designer, Velocity templating * Daily Maintenance Incremental/Full Indexing Integreated Database Crawler, Scheduler * High Concurrency Separated indexing process Multiple Searching thread to meet consumer-website level production websites. Scalable with robust and faster multi-server mode * Searching Results Google-like results, with highlighting, plus ordering Amazon-like Categorized-results with counts Here is one demo, 1.7 million CD albums infomation by freedb.org provided data. http://search.dbsight.com/ Here is a step by step tutorial on how the demo search is created. http://www.dbsight.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Step_by_step Resources: Site: http://www.dbsight.net Step by step tutorial : http://www.dbsight.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Step_by_step Demo Search on freedb.org's data: http://search.dbsight.com/