PMEase has announced the availability of QuickBuild 1.2, a J2EE web application specifically designed to automate and manage software builds. It features build definition inheritance and overriding to simplify build maintenance of many projects, and build promotion to drive the smooth flow of builds between different roles of the team. This release comes with features like user self-registering, RSS for build events, CSharp remote API (in addition to the already existing Java API), a Rake builder to build Rake based applications. Several addons are also available for this release including IntelliJ/Eclipse/Visual Studio plugins, and a desktop notifier. Below is a detail list of new features included in this release: User interface ---------------------------------------------------------- * Be able to create new repository/builder/step/notifier/loginmapping by copying existing one from other configurations. * Log level of the build can be specified when triggers a manual build. * Specify assigned users when create/edit the user group. * Checkouts directory of the configuration can be configured. * Set certain configuration (especially non-leaf configurations) as non-buildable by giving it a "Can not be triggered" schedule. * Anonymous access can be enabled by adding the "anonymous" group. * User self-registering can be enabled by adding the "register" group. * Be able to comment build. LDAP support -------------------------------------------------------- * Add an authenticator of type "LDAP authenticator (self binding)" to eliminate the need of a separate binding account when authenticate user through LDAP. * Support LDAP referral. Version control system support -------------------------------------------------------- * Subversion - Add the "export" option to speed up clean builds. * ClearCase UCM - Derive the modification detection config based on load rules and stream name. * Accurev - Add the option of not creating reference tree when check out from Accurev repository. - The snapshot created by QuickBuild during the label step is now exactly the same as the specified label (instead of adding the stream name suffix). - The directory used to hold checked out code from Accurev is changed to current configuration's checkouts directory (instead of determined by calling ${repository["accurev_repository"].getWorkspaceDir(build)}). Builder support ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Rake builder to build ruby-based application. Build step ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Add a template evaluation step to evaluate Velocity template * Add a step to fix end of line character of text files according to current platform. * Add a step to set file permissions for specified files. * Add dummy step to make step inheritance/overriding more easier. Build notification ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * RSS for build search results, so that user can be notified of new builds satisfying the search criterion. * Users can manage their subscription to certain build events through "My settings" menu. * User can choose to be notified of certain build events when they trigger build manually. * Define variable-based notification group to set up dynamic list of users receiving particular build events. * Be able to define default email domain to construct email address from user names. This is useful when QuickBuild tries to email build notifications to checkin users who do not have an account in QuickBuild. System administration ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Configure database auto-backup through system setting. Remote API ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Add CSharp remote API. Addons ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Windows tray notifier to monitor/trigger QuickBuild configurations. * Eclipse plugin to monitor/trigger QuickBuild configurations. * IntelliJ plugin to monitor/trigger QuickBuild configurations. * Visual Studio 2005 plugin to monitor/trigger QuickBuild configurations. * Enhanced JIRA plugin to pull builds from QuickBuild and auto-generate/release versions in JIRA. The online demo is available at Various usage scenarios is available at