EJBCA 3.4.0, certificate authority for J2EE, released


News: EJBCA 3.4.0, certificate authority for J2EE, released

  1. After an intense period of development and thorough testing, EJBCA 3.4.0 is now released. EJBCA is a LGPL licensed open source Enterprise PKI, a certificate authority. This is a major release with many new features and framework improvements. Noticable new features include: - CMP (RFC4210 and RFC4211) - XKMSv2 - Monitoring services - More approvals (dual authentication) - ECDSA CAs and clients - Custom certificate extensions - Custom DN and altName OIDs - Possibility to retrieve PKCS7 response in ExtRA API This release has also been tested extensively on Weblogic and Oracle (apart from the normal open source platforms), so we do not expect any regressions in this area.

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    Hi, The number of features offered by EJBCA is impresive!!! Clearly, it is an option around which identification and security of users affiliated to an organization can revolves on, congratulations!!! My company is a total solution provider for chip card projects. I would like delving in EJBCA, could you sell me some smartcard samples so I can test and evaluate EJBCA functionality? Regards: Hector Zendejas cardware.biz Mexico
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    Thanks for the kind workds, email me at primekey.se so we can discuss what smartcards you want, since there are different types and formats. Cheers, Tomas