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    Is there any API to create PCL file or to convert a PDF file into PCL file (PCL format is invent by HP). We are developing a web application. This application has a feature to print document. While the document may contains thousands of pages, we decided not to show the document on user's browser; but directly send it to printer using IP Printing. We are used to create a PDF document. Unfortunately we can't print the PDF file on our HP printer because the printer has only 32MB of memory (minimum requirement of IP printing to print PDF file is 64 MB). Thats why I am looking for this API (create PCL / convert PDF into PCL). Thank you.

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    Leonard, did you find a way around this I have a requirement to do this but I have not found anything yet. I am thinking of going along the lines of converting the PDF to a PS and sending that to the printer. If you did find a better solution let can you share your approach with me. Many thanks
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    have you tried openPCL? Since it is open source you can takes parts of the project and use them in your code and if you are able to improve some code, you can check it back into the openPCL project.