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    Hi, I have a little complicated issue with HttpSession timeout process. It goes like this. Lets says, my Web Application session timeout period is 5 minutes. I made a Http request to server and corresponding Servlet requires more than 5 minutes lets say 10 minutes to complete the business logic. As we can see in the above case, Session is invalidated before end of business logic execution in Servlet. I've tried following code to work around the problem but seems to be no luck Before executing the business logic in a method int timeoutBackup = session.getMaxInactiveInterval(); (5 minutes) session.setMaxInactiveInterval(-1); Business Logic.... (10 minutes) session.setMaxInactiveInterval( timeoutBackup ); ( 5 minutes ) return; If i make the next request on same session, I get session invalid exception.. I'm wondering what am i doing wrong here.. Hope you guys can throw some light on what I'm doing wrong Best Regards,
  2. I did not get the problem correctly. I have the following question: Does the servlet work properly first time. Are you facing the problem only when access the servlet second time?
  3. I believe you should start a new thread to do all the 10 minutes job, and the thread that is running your servlet will be able to give the response to the client.
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