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News: PEtALS1.1 ESB released

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    EBM WebSourcing has announced the availability of PEtALS version 1.1. PEtALS is an Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) conforming to the JBI specifications (JSR-208). PEtALS allows users to implement a distributed SOA infrastructure for services access control, routing, transformation, orchestration. PEtALS has a strong focus on distribution, with a fully replicated service registry, and the coming centralized monitoring and administration tools. PEtALS 1.1 release adds a lot of enhancements, and introduces a major evolution with the "Component Development Kit." This CDK allows developers to build 100% JBI compliant components. All PEtALS standard components now use the CDK. As of PEtALS 1.1, EBM WebSourcing provides professional services and support to PEtALS users. PEtALS features:
    • Distributed NMR
    • Fully distributed JNDI registry based on tribe
    • Reliable inter node communication based on JMS
    • Centralized monitoring and administration tool
    JBI Component Development Kit
    • Eases the creation of 100% JBI components
    • Provides standard means for Component configuration
    Binding Components
    • Web Services by integration of Axis 2 and Jetty
    • JMS
    • File Transfer with utilities for CSV files processing
    • Mail
    Service Engines
    • XSLT
    • BPEL with the integration of ObjectWeb Orchestra
    • POJO enables the integration of any POJO processing Messages Exchanges
    • Xquare for JDBC data access and XPATH transformation
    • Centralized monitoring and administration console
    • An Eclipse plugin for the CDK is coming.

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    Congratulations! Petals had previously interested me because AS/2 was on the roadmap as a binding component. This seems to have disappeared (along with the roadmap itself!) EDI is still widely used in many industries. AS/2 is a sound technology and is the way most orgs do EDI over the internet. Frankly, I'm surprised not to see more support for AS/2 from ESBs, JBI or not. Kit
  3. Congrats for this juicy milestone ![ Go to top ]

    Great news guys ! I've had first hand experience on Petals, and I must say the distributed ESB feature is just a killer one for anyone who had to deal with configuring remote message routing and transport. In the past months, we've built on top of the Petals ESB an entreprise information system SOA architecture demonstrator integrating several business applications for one of our industry clients. Working with Petals has been very smooth. Now he's been using it for the last three weeks and he's very pleased with the experience and then some. Keep on the good work ! Marc Dutoo Open Wide SA