The new version 3.5.1 focuses on Usability. It provides two powerful new functions for even more usability and flexibility in the definition of business rules: Users can now quickly import very big and complex data models as the basis for the modeling of business rules. This acceleration is enabled by a highly reduced memory footprint of rule models. Visual Rules actions are now able to directly process Java objects of any type. Because of this new capability, actions can now execute domain-specific tasks. With Visual Rules it is possible to quickly define, visualize, manage and automate business rules. Graphical modeling of business rules is especially intuitive and possible without technical know-how. The flow of business rules is formulated explicitly in the model. This approach corresponds to the way people think. Thus the business analyst is given the ability to model and maintain business rules himself. IT experts directly integrate business rules into operational systems and thus create the necessary transparency, flexibility and traceability of business logic for competitive companies. Integrated quality management ensures that only those rules that are completely tested and logically correct enter production. Visual Rules is certified as a plug-in, among others, for Eclipse and SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Please find all release notes here: Here you find the visual rules forum:

Download visual rules 3.5.1 here: The license is free for a 30 days evaluation as well as for non-commercial use.